Saturday, May 31, 2008

Foals - Antidotes

great reviews for this album, it'll make you want to dance...

1. The French Open
2. Cassius
3. Red Socks Pugie
4. Olympic Airways
5. Electric Bloom
6. Balloons
7. Heavy Water
8. Two Steps, Twice
9. Big Big Love (Fig.2)
10. Like Swimming
11. Tron
13. Hummer
14. Mathletics


Friday, May 30, 2008

Steel Train - Trampoline

1. I Feel Weird
2. Black Eye
3. Kill Monsters in the Rain
4. Dakota
5. Alone on the Sea
6. Firecracker
7. A Magazine
8. Diamonds in the sky
9. Leave You Traveling
10. I've let You Go
11. School is for Losers
12. Women I Belong To


Monday, May 19, 2008

Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs

One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2008...need I say more?

1. Bixby Canyon Bridge
2. I Will Possess Your Heart
3. No Sunlight
4. Cath...
5. Talking Bird
6. You Can Do Better Than Me
7. Grapevine Fires
8. Your New Twin Sized Bed
9. Long Division
10. Pity And Fear
11. The Ice Is Getting Thinner

Links (File's 101mb, so split into two parts):

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Silversun Pickups - Carnavas

Extremely popular in the underground indie scene, Silversun Pickups are a band just waiting to explode into the mainstream, but for now, I'm happy to claim them for my own little snobbish indie-music world. Blurred vocal dynamics play well off their post-rock instrumentation, with highs and lows that can only be sung by a male-female pairing. Beautiful sonic architecture creates an album full of possibilities that does not disappoint.

1. Melatonin
2. Well Thought Out Twinkles
3. Checkered Floor
4. Little Lover's So Polite
5. Future Foe Scenarios
6. Waste It On
7. Lazy Eye
8. Rusted Wheel
9. Dream at Tempo 119
10. Three Seed
11. Common Reactor


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Discover America - Psychology

Indie rocker Chris Staples, reminiscent of Conor Oberst and Pedro the Lion, puts together brilliant album with a wide range of instrumentation and harmony.

1. Call It in the Air
2. 1986
3. From the 100th Floor
4. Stark Honesty
5. Green Eyes
6. Tight Rope Walker
7. Phantom Treasure
8. Shiny Teeth
9. The Halves That Make Us Whole
10. Everything Changes


Heavens - Patent Pending

Matt Skiba's awesome goth/electronic side-project...(alkaline trio-yelling)+electronics+more chilling lyrics=heavens

01. Gardens
02. Counting
03. Heather
04. Patent Pending
05. Dead End Girl
06. Doves
07. Another Night
08. Annabelle
09. Watching You
10. True Hate
11. Leave

i realize i've been remiss in my posting of albums. expect more very shortly.