Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 2

If you had to gauge Felipe Coronel's (aka Immortal Technique) rhymes, I'd put it somewhere between "ruthless" and "cut-throat." Lacking political correctness and brutally attacking social problems with lyrical ferocity, Coronel combines his skill with simple, well-timed beats and smooth transitions from track-to-track. No topic is safe from his barrage, from Bush (and everything he's ever done, ever) to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. If it involves a social/political issue, chances are Coronel has covered it on Volume 2. His lack of a real record label only helps his underground status, as he freestyles without boundaries and limitations on what he preaches. He embraces this as a strength, indifferent to larger, mainstream rappers who may have more popularity but lack the real opportunity to make people stop and think about what they're listening to. More than sick beats and thug rhetoric, Immortal Technique speaks directly to the listener, delivering the message loud and clear. Standout tracks: "Peruvian Cocaine," "Harlem Streets," and "Freedom of Speech."

Peruvian Cocaine


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