Thursday, June 19, 2008

MC Lars - The Graduate

I've had some MC Lars for awhile, but never really listened to him until my friend Kevin brought him to my attention. "Download This Song" is the perfect song for this blog. Plus, it's funny pop-hip-hop. Have fun, download away.

1. Download This Song (Featuring Jaret Reddick)
2. The Roommate From Hell (Featuring MC Chris)
3. 21 Concepts
4. Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock (Featuring The Matches)
5. Rapgirl
6. Generic Crunk Rap
7. Ahab
8. iGeneration
9. If I Had A Time Machine, That Would Be Fresh
10. Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)
11. Space Game
12. The Dialogue (Featuring ill Bill)
13. Six Degrees Of Kurt Cobain
14. Signing Emo


1 comment:

Cazz said...

Cheers for the link. Love MC Lars and this album. (: x