Saturday, July 31, 2010

Matt & Kim - Grand

The duo of Matt & Kim were bequeathed onto me by a co-worker of mine who realized after a year that I'm into the same music she is. It's actually sort of embarrassing that I haven't heard of them before now, as they are somewhat big. Full of energy, this particular flavor of electric-infused dance-punk pulls from both new wave and punk, but combines it into one tight little package. More punk than LCD Soundsystem, the duo really pushes the electricity through the album, sometimes overwhelming the vocals and chorus which tend to ride on the beat of the percussion. The vocals are perhaps my favorite part as I have a special place in my musical heart for guy-girl vocal duos. Kim beautifully provides a harmonious background track while Matt's punk sneer punctuates the air, on beat, on-cue. The synergy between their two voices is almost enough to carry the album, and the ridiculously addictive beat is merely a cherry on-top. Definitely a toe-tapping album, and if you're not, you might want to check if you're alive.

1. Daylight
2. Cutdown
3. Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare
4. Spare Change
5. I wanna
6. Lessons Learned
7. Don't Slow Down
8. Turn this Boat Around
9. Ginders
10. I'll Take us Home
11. Daylight Outro Remix


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