Monday, March 24, 2008

Murder by Death - In Bocca al Lupo

Murder by Death returns with their finest work yet, a blend of lighter post-rock and heavy on the country. Their eclectic use of stringed instruments creates a wall of sound that plays nicely against the backdrop of deep drums and slower guitar riffs. The construction of the album plays into their history of creating a story that melds the tracks into a pseudo-story supported by Adam Turla's lyrical prowess. My favorite track (out of many) is "The Big Sleep," which incorporates cello, acoustic guitar, and a voice that mimics the pain and heartache of The Man in Black himself. Maturation has taken Turla a long way from the band's first few albums. The tempo is varied between slower alt-country to more of a faster rock-a-billy, post-rock mix that is very pleasing. Track-to-track mixing is seamless, and the story aspect keeps the album moving forward. The entire record has a deep, dusty, and earthy sound (it's hard to describe) that would make Johnny Cash proud. Standout tracks: "Sometimes the Line Walks You," and "The Big Sleep."

The Big Sleep


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