Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Amsterdams - At the Foot of My Rival

Matt Pryor begins his side, er full-time project's new album with a throw back to the mono-track recordings that instantly drawing the listener to a bare-bones New Ams track. Immediately after the opening track, Pryor's ambitious songcrafting, which has been developing in the post-Get Up Kids era, is in full-band force, picking up where Story Like a Scar left off. The album has a slower tempo with a more experimental feel, as if Pryor doesn't really know where he's trying to go. On the other hand, it creates a sense of unpredictability that has been forthwith in recent releases. "Without a Sound (Elanor)" is a poignant song that draws from raw emotion and anecdotes. "Hughes" is interesting because it sounds more like a high school emo-track, but it works well within the confines of the album. Ironically, the best song (IMO) is the title track from their previous album, "Story Like a Scar," a sobering look at a scenario that could be anything from unacquainted love, to the break up of the Get Up Kids. Either way, it helps to support the album, and further showcase Pryor's music abilities. Standout tracks: "Story Like a Scar," "A Beacon in Beige," and "Without a Sound (Elanor)."

Without a Sound (Elanor)



Dominic said...

Not too much change from some of the later get-up kids albums, but a much more refined and slightly more eclectic sound is great. Lyrics are a little more complex too.

Matt Pryor is awesome forever.

L said...

Thanks so much for sharing this record. Great stuff.