Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns

So I was in American Eagle with my girlfriend (key word: girlfriend...who was shopping there), and they were streaming some college radio station's playlist. All of a sudden, a great sounding song came on, indie, with a little folk kick to it. I grab my iPhone and 'Shazaam' this quality sounding song pumping through the store. Thanks to the miracles of technology, I instantly got a return as "Don't Haunt this Place" by this band, off this album. So naturally, it'll be the teaser track, graciously hosted by the band themselves. The Canadian trio falls right in line with the Saddle Creek Records gang, with a twang-to-kill sound, and not-so-subtle indie appeal. Take a listen, you'll probably dig it.

On another note, I'm starting off with this album, because the last few I've posted have been instantly taken down by the RIAA. Hopefully, since this is indie, they won't care. In any case, I'm for reals trying to start this blog back up, so in the words of one of my favorite bands "Tell All Your Friends..."

1. The Ballad of The RAA
2. Rush Apart
3. The Dethbridge in Lethbridge
4. Don't Haunt this place
5. The Deadroads
6. Drain the Blood
7. Luciana
8. Frank, AB
9. The Air
10. Sleep All Day
11. Four Night Rider
12. Edmonton
13. In the Summertime


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