Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tumbledown - Tumbledown

MxPx's Mike Herrera's alt-country side-project carries a heavy country twang, and blending it with Social D-esque punk rock. The smack of the snare drum plays beautifully against the slap of the bass, creating the background for all the songs on the album. The guitarmanship is about what you'd expect for an alt-country album, lots of leading chord stabs, with acoustic filler in the background. His choice of lyrics are also consistent with the music, from love and heartbreak to drinking and fighting. His voice is distinct, with highs and lows in tune with MxPx, but the backing instrumentation definitely sets it apart. It's a great album for alt-country fans (not as great as maybe a Lucero album), but for those on the boarderline, or not a country fan, it may be a little too 'yee-haw' for you.

1. Let's Drink
2. Butcher of San Antone
3. Break Out of History
4. Movin' On
5. I’m Still Here
6. State Line
7. Came Here to Fight
8. Secondhand High
9. My Sweet Darling Dear
10. Son of A Gun
11. Homeward Bound
12. *Hidden Track*



ihavechappedlips said...

The url itself is good, but when you click on it, you are taken to a page that doesn't exist.

Lucas said...

Link's fixed, thanks for the heads up.

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