Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joey Cape & Jon Snodgrass - Liverbirds

Although I have yet to see Joey Cape live, I count myself among the lucky few that have seen Drag the River live, and have met Jon Snodgrass after a show in West Virginia (I also met Rocky Votolato at the same show). Both musicians are skilled in the acoustic guitar, and Snodgrass brings a certain element of twang from his roots with Drag the River, and his voice is carried over from Armchair Martian. The tracks are familiar classics from Bad Astronaut, Lagwagon and Drag the River, but stripped to acoustics and light precussion. Perhaps the strongest part of the record are the voices: Cape and Snodgrass are veterans of the genre, and their voices are unmistakable and really fill in the gaps in each song where instruments would have carried the melody. Plus, Joey Cape is just awesome.

1. Joey Cape - To All My Friends
2. Joey Cape - Whipping Boy
3. Joey Cape - Making Friends
4. Joey Cape - Angry Days
5. Joey Cape - Alien 8
6. Jon Snodgrass - Break Your Frame
7. Jon Snodgrass - Jessica's Suicide
8. Jon Snodgrass - Losing Everyone
9. Jon Snodgrass - Spiderman, Wolfman
10. Jon Snodgrass - Mexican Song

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