Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Matt Pond PA - The Dark Leaves

I know it's been a long, long time...to be honest I've been swamped with work and kinda fell off the music scene, as unfortunate as it is. BUT, I do occasionally follow the music blog scene and on one random, lucky day, the new Matt Pond PA album was posted. And thus far, it's my favorite album of the year. It encompasses smooth and catchy, like a something that just clicks. It flows together, both internally in each song (from verse to chorus, percussion and guitar), and track to track. "Starting" almost seems to balance melancholy, angsty (for Matt at least) with "Brooklyn Fawn" that quietly dances along between vocal harmonies and slide guitars. Brilliant, and definitely will keep it in mind towards the end of the year for the year-end wrap-up.

1. Starting
2. Running Wild
3. Specks
4. Remains
5. Sparrows
6. Brooklyn Fawn
7. Ruins
8. Winter Fawn
9. The Dark Leaves Theme
10. First Song

***Link Fixed..First track should be fine***



Anonymous said...

saying the first track is corrupt?

Lucas said...

Anyone else have this problem?

Amanda said...

yuppers. the first track is corrupt

Lucas said...

Try this new file.

Cat said...

Glad to see you back :)

Liberty said...


My favorite of his is "Halloween" from Several Arrows Later.