Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours

I will do you all a solid to make up for my past few months absence and let you try out Cold War Kid's new album, "Mine is Yours." I've been a long-time CWK fan, and this album in particular gives me hope for 2011's musical offerings. Nathan Willet's distinctive voice smoothly dances around the various indie-pop riffs and beats. This by no means one of their rough EPs: it is a well-produced and artfully crafted album, with layers upon layers of harmonies and instruments. CWK's oft-neglected style of blending blues, rock and indie tonalities has been honed since their first full-length, Robbers and Cowards. Lyrically, Willet does well to capture feelings and moments, and places them in carefully constructed songs, nothing out-of-this-world, but still impressive and very catchy. Hands down, favorite track is "Skip the Charades," mostly for the lyrics. "Bulldozer" and "Royal Blue" are also great in their own right. I have more 'favorite' tracks on this album than any other I've listened to in a long time, if that means anything. Check it out.

1. Mine Is Yours
2. Louder Than Ever
3. Royal Blue
4. Finally Begin
5. Out Of The Wilderness
6. Skip The Charades
7. Sensitive Kid
8. Bulldozer
9. Broken Open
10. Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
11. Flying Upside Down

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