Monday, July 7, 2008

Matt Skiba and Kevin Seconds - Split

A friend of mine didn't have this album, so I thought I'd share it with all. Because it's badass, and I've been on a "Matt Skiba/everything associated with him" frenzy for the past few weeks. By the by, "Good Fucking Bye" is a great song to send to an ex. The album overall is amazing, quality songwriting stripped to the bone.

1. Matt Skiba - Good Fucking Bye
2. Matt Skiba - The City That Day
3. Matt Skiba - Next To You
4. Matt Skiba - In Your Wake
5. Matt Skiba - Soul To Keep (For Phyllis)
6. Kevin Seconds - Extra Something
7. Kevin Seconds - Ugly Mouth
8. Kevin Seconds - 1981
9. Kevin Seconds - Yesteryear
10. Kevin Seconds - Motherfuckers



Tonga182 said...

Cool... Thanks man
I admire all Skiba's work...

And i was looking for this for a long time

Thank you

Tonga182 said...

By the Way I'm from Argentina... and it's difficult to get this original albums... so thanks again

You should listen the side proyect of Matt Skiba called Heavens... and the first/only album: Patent Pending
It's really good