Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sorry things have been slow, I've basically been without a steady internet connection for the past few weeks, but that has now ended, so you can start expecting posts almost daily (hopefully). I updated the Weezer/Red Album link, and also leave a message on any other broken links you come across. Thanks for all the kind words you have left, I think the blog is coming up on 60,000 visits, which was way more than I could have ever imagined when I started this thing to keep a few friends posted on what I was listening to while I was away at school.

Here's to all of you for your support.


Post-script: Give me more requests. I'll do my best to find them. And I set up a Gmail account if you want an e-mail when I update the blog (if you don't have an RSS feed). I'll just send you a message letting you know what I updated with so you don't have to randomly keep coming back to check on what's being posted. Unless you really want to...

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