Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Punchline - Just Say Yes

Punchline's new album. I got it from Alternative2punk, so I thought I'd give credit where credit is due. Solid album from these pop-punk veterans, and one of the first big releases of the fall season (in my humble opinion).

1. Ghostie
2. The Hit
3. Punish or Privilege
4. Maybe I'm Wrong
5. Somewhere In the Dark
6. Just Say Yes
7. How Does This Happen?
8. Get Off My Train!
9. Developing You, Camera
10. My White Collared Shirt
11. The Other Piano Man
12. Castaway


1 comment:

Music Guru said...

I really like this album as well, put it in "The Chosen" catagory for new releases this week...