Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rx Bandits - Progress

At long last I return. Actually I never really left, but I bought a new harddrive and was having a hell of a time getting Time Machine to transfer all my music over without losing metadata. In any case, I'll get right on the broken links, and get to posting albums.

Rx Bandits have been a favorite of mine since the beginning, and I think this album was their first album to really take advantage of pretty good production. It seems to me that Ska-punk (skunk) is a difficult genre to produce because of the varying tones between bass, guitar, and horns. But the band continued with the energy they had with Halfway Between Here and There, and simply tightened up the sound to allow for more elements to squeeze in, but without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

1. Intro
3. Consequential Apathy
4. Analog Boy
5. Get
6. All The Time
7. In All Rwanda's Glory
8. Babylon
9. Who Would've Thought
10. Status
11. Anyone But You
12. Nugget
13. Progress
14. Nothing's Sacred
15. Infection


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