Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HIM - Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights

This post is for my buddy Kev. I would say, out of all the Finnish love-metal bands that I know of, HIM is absolutely my favorite. Nevermind the "heart-o-gram" or the coverage that Bam Margera provides; the band excels on their own by creating a dark, goth rock that many have tried to capture, but nevertheless, have fallen short. In some respects, the band looks like they belong back during the 80's hair band craze, but the lack of contrived musicianship shows differently. Ville Valo's lyrics move seamlessly from track to track, never losing the deep inflections that help root the music in darkness. The melodies are great, and the band has a unique harmony that pulls you into the songs.

1. Salt In Our Wounds
2. Heartache Every Moment
3. Lose You Tonight
4. In Joy And Sorrow
5. Pretending
6. Close To The Flame
7. Please Don't Let It Go
8. Beautiful
9. Don't Close Your Heart
10. Love You Like I Do



rafael - Brazil said...

cool tunes!
very good!


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