Friday, November 2, 2007

This Is Your Captain Speaking - Storyboard

Oh post-rock. This genre never ceases to amaze me, because all the musicianship of normal bands is cut in half by funneling the vocals into instruments. Seriously. Post-rock bands sing with their instruments, a sort of rhythmic serenade with crashing guitars and splitting drums. To provide an artistic touch to this review, the songs are what I would call "breathtaking." For those that do not know what I speak of, think Explosions in the Sky. C'mon, EVERYBODY knows them. Friday Night Lights...ring a bell? Fall asleep to this stuff. Or sit back and just take it all in. Every song basically tells a story...BUT WITHOUT VOCALS. Either they suck at singing, or they're wise beyond their years and realize that an individually plucked Emaj through tons 'o reverb can relate to the listener (you) better than some whiny emo kid singing about shit he's never experienced because he's in a band and gets more ass than you or me. Post-rock. Amazing stuff. Standout tracks: "A wave to Bridget Fondly," and "Angels." Rating 9/10



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