Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces

Matt Costa's second full-length handiwork builds upon his well-developed sense of indie-acoustic understanding that was the footing of Songs We Sing. He wastes no time in boxing your ears with pop, starting off with the fetching and zippy "Mr. Pitiful," which also happens to be the first single from the new album.. The rest of the album returns to his characteristic guitar work, but not without other instruments strewn throughout his melodies. It is very apparent that more production went into this album, as most sophomoric efforts, but the music and lyrics still stand on their own, and when stripped down to their basic mechanisms, would still be believable during a live show. Though stylistically the tone of the album may be notably more progressive than his previous ventures, he does not stray from the roots that he knows, and that combination works well throughout this album. Standout tracks: "Mr. Pitiful," and "Unfamiliar Faces."

Mr. Pitiful



Anonymous said...

his greatest facet: so much passion with such style and a relaxed voice. That said, this album just shows how much he can move listeners with his mellow voice. 10 out of 10. All these songs should've been on the OC.

eyo said...

if you dig Matt Costa, check out his touring partner - Johnathan Rice.

his latest, Further North is almost perfection.
beautiful and well written. i highly suggest Mr. Rice

Anonymous said...

Saw this guy in toronto august 2011, not so great