Monday, January 14, 2008

Radiohead - In Rainbows

To be frank, I do not know where to even begin. This album is not only completely amazing and conceptually breathtaking, but it also pushes Radiohead into a new direction that leaves you wanting more in the (hopefully very near) future. To do a brief album review would not do this masterpiece justice, so I will break it down into thematic spheres as the music progresses through time. Breaking through the diaphragms, the band prominently sets forth their ambitious, and heavy, reliance on electronics in "15 Step" that will serve as a cornerstone throughout the album. Almost instantly they peddle-step back to a grunge-noise expression during "Bodysnatchers," all the while maintaining Thom Yorke's distinctive and somewhat comforting well-known voice. Between the two tracks, the energy is non-stop and emotions run high, which creates a surprising turn for the next few slower, more ambient songs. The track "All I Need" is one of the few departures back to their roots of slower, idiosyncratic ballads that follow Yorke's hopeful story. The instruments from here on out take on a more prominent role, providing crescendos (especially precussion on "Reckoner") to the backbeat of the electronic drums and synthesizers. The manifestation of an anti-climactic ending pervades through in the haunting, yet beautiful, "Videotape." It is an ending befitting of the an awe-inspiring album, as the piano drifts into a silence that one can only imagine is the band finally receiving their moment of respite after expending their musical genius. I do not want to be one to push a state-of-mind upon the listener, but it does leave you in a position to contemplate, and try to comprehend, what just happened over the past 42 minutes and 34 seconds. The answer usually involves starting the album least it did for me. Standout tracks: "All I Need," and "Recokoner." Rating: 10/10

All I Need


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