Saturday, January 19, 2008

The New Frontiers - Mending

Evocative of the infinitely more popular Augustana and The Fray, The New Frontiers uphold the indie-side of the genre in such a way that could move them over to the mainstream side very shortly. The entire record is soft-spoken, much more at home on a Sunday afternoon reading a book, than on the next Bruce Willis movie soundtrack. Rustic assonances ensure the songs remain uncluttered from one track to the next, which is often a problem on albums that rely so heavily on basic instrumentation. The production quality is amazing and the mixing is top-notch, highlighting Nathan Pettijohn's vocals, which by itself could hold up many of the tracks. While the instrumentation does not do anything ground-breaking, it does not falter either, doing exactly what a band is supposed to do: support each other's euphonious statements. Overall, this album is well-built, and the independent factor is high, thus adding a few "indie-snob" points to the rating. Take a listen. Standout tracks: "Mirrors," and "Passing On." Rating: 8.9/10

Passing On


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