Saturday, August 2, 2008

Manchester Orchestra - I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child

Sorry for the hiatus. Indie-rock in the style somewhere between The Shins and Straylight Run.

1. "Wolves at Night"
2. "Now That You're Home"
3. "The Neighborhood is Bleeding"
4. "I Can Feel Your Pain"
5. "Where Have You Been?"
6. "I Can Barely Breathe"
7. "Sleeper 1972"
8. "Golden Ticket"
9. "Alice and Interiors"
10. "Don't Let Them See You Cry"
11. "Colly Strings"


1 comment:

Liberty said...

This album is one of my faveeees

This is really late, but I randomly stumbled upon this blog; it completely encompasses my musical style,and I will definitely be checking out some of the albums I don't recognize:)

You rock.