Friday, August 22, 2008


I know what you're thinking..."what, no free download? WTF!?" Well ladies and gentlemen, my good friend Doug has his own legitimate music/art site called Simple Stereo and he had our friend Kevin got together to create a cover for Mike Park's new EP. The collaboration has resulted in a limited edition 7" signed by both Mike and Kevin. And it's super cheap (9 dollars total including S&H). I mean, you probably haven't BOUGHT music for the past few weeks, months (or years), so cough up $9 and get some great music and a nice piece of art to show your friends. Now for a little soapbox action: My biggest regret about posting albums is the fact that much of the packaging and artwork is lost by the advent and distribution of the mp3. At the end of the day, it's just a bunch of little pixels on my monitor, and there's something to be said about holding a vinyl record, or flipping through the jacket of a CD. Take some of that back by buying this album, supporting my friends, and supporting the smaller side of the music industry.

Click the ad to the right, or here, and snag it through Paypal. It ships on Sept. 9th, so pre-order one of the 500 signed copies now. Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening. AND IT COMES WITH A FREE MP3 VERSION OF THE ALBUM! The capitalization denotes how excited I am about this, because it's awesome that old school creativity meets honest, genuine music.


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