Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Bouncing Souls - The Gold Record

The Bouncing Souls have been around for a long time. And when a band has been around for a long time, you start to wonder, "man, is their next record going to be a load of shit because they've grown accustomed to a corporate society?" With The Gold Record the answer is 'nope.' The album starts of with "The Gold Song" which is undeniably Bouncing Souls-ish, fast, and anthemic. and impressive. "Letter to Iraq" is taken from an actual soldier's letter from Iraq, and put to a fast-paced blitz of drums and guitar. I'll admit, they do slow it down a bit on "The Pizza Song," and "Lean on Sheena." The latter was undeniably my favorite song of the last year. The guitars are kept tight, the vocals are harmonized and everything is well-constructed throughout the song. Actually, the entire album on a whole is built this way, which makes it probably my favorite Bouncing Souls album to date, which is amazing since they're celebrating their 20th year of existence. 20 YEARS. It's just one more reason why I think Jersey (and the bands that hail from the state) is the California of the East Coast: surf and punk. I mean seriously. Plus there's the boardwalk, beachside communities, and their very own Compton (Camden, which is actually worse than Compton). Standout tracks: "Pizza Song," and "Lean on Sheena." Rating: 10/10

Lean on Sheena


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