Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jonathan Coulton - Unplugged

This guy is awesome and makes being a nerd, at least appear to be cool. Of course, being an Unplugged album, it's just him and his guitar, and funny songs that bring out the dork in you. Songs range from killer robots to IKEA, and everything in-between. It's silly, but catchy and fun to listen to, and if I were a contributing editor to Popular Science, I would write about these things too. I'm not going to rate it, because some people are going to hate it, and some will love it. Either way, it's just a funny album, in my humble opinion. He probably won't win any awards or be the new face of MTV, or fuse for that matter, but it's refreshing. If you hate it, blame my buddy Kevin for telling me about it. Standout tracks: "Millionaire Girlfriend," and "The Future Soon."

Millionaire Girlfriend


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thumbs up.