Sunday, December 9, 2007

Iron & Wine - The Creek Drank the Cradle

Since it's finals week and all, here's some great music with which to study. Sam Beam, who is Iron & Wine, created what I consider a masterpiece in 2002's The Creek Drank the Cradle. Sounding like he mixed the album on a tape recorder, he bares his soul through voice and guitar. Don't be fooled, this isn't a Dashboard-wannabe...instead he sings of life and death, love and loss, through scenic lyrics revolving around nature. Even the title itself conjures up a rustic, folk picture...something that could be hanging from a wall in a cabin high in the mountains. The fact that the mastering on the album is minimal is a testament to the musicianship he encompasses. Listen and love...then study. Standout tracks: "Bird Stealing Bread," and "Upward Over the Mountain." Rating: 10/10

Upward Over the Mountain: