Friday, December 28, 2007

Matt the Electrician - One Right Thing

Matt the Electrician, a West Coast based singer-songwriter, fits perfectly into my collection of acoustic artists, whom I've grown to love. All the elements to create a great album are present in this product, his fifth studio album. Matt delivers his music with sincerity, singing about love, California, and his dog. Tackling life's joys and sorrows, he moves from one subject to another without even a hint of force, floating between tracks in an effort that makes the album sound like one, detailed story. What really sets him apart from other artists in the genre is his ability to make the most simplistic ideas or thoughts appear to be something much great, through his picturesque lyrics and palliative instrumentation. I'm adding the link to his webpage, because while I normally "endorse using these links to preview albums before buying," I whole-heartedly believe that this time. Small-time artists who are not well known often have a hard time getting compensated for their work, so I urge any readers/listeners to either buy his other albums, or go see him live. I have yet to see him live, but every review I've read says its an amazing show. Standout Tracks: "Left Coast," "My Dog," and "Last Poem for My Girl." Rating: 9.5/10

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