Friday, December 21, 2007

"So this is the New Year"

Some blogging items:

-I added a shoutbox for comments, concerns, questions, requests, or any links to other music blogs that have actual mini-reviews, and not just my two-cents. So please, please use it. Just so I know that someone, somewhere is using this page.

-Oh, and if you want Rob & Big (season 2) posted, let me know and I'll get on that as well.

-I'm going to try and switch up my link hosts as well, see if I can get you guys some faster downloads.

-I know I posted Good Will Hunting awhile back, but I'm not sure how well that worked out for people, so let me know if you had any problems (either by commenting here, or using the shoutbox). I'm thinking of expanding this blog to include some of my favorite shows (basically Rob & Big, and The Office). And maybe a movie or two. I need to see what works for everyone.

-Switching to .rar files...Zip files are cool and all, but I like .rar files better for compressing albums/media. If I posted the link for WinRar (or UnRar for Mac OS X), would everyone be down for using it? Again, let me know.

-That should do it. Expect more music, as I'm bored, and doing nothing BUT listening to music.

Happy Holidays,


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