Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Avett Brothers - introduce Emotionalism

This is by far the folk-iest thing I've posted thus far, but really, if you find yourself just sitting around, drinking whiskey, and into folk-rock, this band is definitely for you. Or if you like banjos. Because they're good at it. They may only be brothers, but this duo brings a Partirdge family-worth of instruments and vocals. Their style shifts seamlessly from slow folk to more upbeat alt-country, and their vocals follow suit. I'm pretty sure the entire albums is acoustic instruments, which I'm always a fan of. The lyrics are interesting, and provide and honest take on relationships and life (hence the Emotionalism-aspect). If you're an alt-country fan or acoustic fan, check it out. The creativity abounds and you shouldn't be disappointed. Thanks to Dom for the recommendation.

1. Die Die Die
2. Shame
3. Paranoia In Bflat Major
4. The Weight Of Lies
5. Will You Return?
6. The Ballad Of Love And Hate
7. Salina
8. Pretty Girl From Chile
9. All My Mistakes
10. Living Of Love
11. I Would Be Sad
12. Pretty Girl From San Diego
13. Go To Sleep
14. Hand-Me-Down Time



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Anonymous said...

The Avett Brothers - No Girls Allowed (Best Of) 2011

01 Kind of in Love
02 Let Myself Live
03 A Lot of Moving
04 November Blue
05 Nothing Short of Thankful
06 The New Love Song
07 Signs
08 Swept Away
09 The Traveling Song
10 The D Bag Rag
11 Colorshow
12 Distraction #74
13 Left on Laura, Left on Lisa
14 If It's the Beaches
15 Shame
16 Paranoia in B-Flat Major
17 The Ballad of Love and Hate
18 Living of Love
19 I Would Be Sad
20 Murder in the City