Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Castevet - Summer Fences

I was looking for some post-rock to relax to, and I came across this wonderful band hailing from Chicago. I've heard them described with lots of influences, but the one that I agree with the most is Minus the Bear. So, if you like them, give this great band a try. The music is post-rock at its best. The lows and highs aren't as varied as Explosions in the Sky, with the tone and pace befitting a band that places heavy emphasis on their punk roots. I'm posting a more mellow track, but keep in mind that they only get heavier from there. Honestly, I've been playing this album for the better part of three days to better try and describe it. The titles are as catchy as the beat, and the album reeks of honest musicians who believe in what they are playing.

1. Between Beyrun And Bryawum
2. Beating high Schoolers At Arcade Games
3. Plays one On TV
4. I Know What A Lion Is
5. Stranger You Know
6. Space Jam (The Return)
7. Evil Robot With Swords For Hands
8. When A Movie’s Made In France It's Called Cinemas



Shu Li said...

OMG!!!!! I've been looking for this everywhere! They were on the list of similar artists to American Football on lastfm. Thankyou!!!!! :)

James said...
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James said...

Tracklisting is messed up:

Track 1 is "Between Berwyn and Bryn Mawr"
Track 5 is "Stranger, You Know"
Track 6 is "Space Jam: The Return"
Track 7 is "Evil Robots With Swords for Hands"
Track 8 is "When a Movie is Made in France, it's Called Cinemas"