Friday, October 23, 2009

Chuck Ragan - Gold Country

I've always been a fan of Chuck Ragan, from Hot Water Music to his solo stuff. This is by far my favorite solo piece he's put together. The melodies are more pronounced with this album, mixing the alt-indie-folk twang with a healthy dose of beat and rhythm. The choruses are catchy and blend the verses without pause or awkwardness. Traditional country instruments punctuate Chuck's all-too familiar vocals, with the violins and lap guitars slicing through his smoke-and-whiskey tempered vocal chords. Rather than relying on percussion, he lets his acoustic set the pace, which allows the other strings to provide the leads. It's a super solid record,well worthy of a purchase, especially for hardcore alt-country/HWM fans.

1. For Goodness Sake
2. Glory
3. Rotterdam
4. Done and Done
5. The Trench
6. Don't Say A Word
7. 10 West
8. Old Diesel
9. Cut Em Down
10. Let It Rain
11. Good Enough For Rock and Roll
12. Get Em All Home

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