Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nightmares for a Week - A Flood Tomorrow

Although they display somewhat of a country-esque twang, Nightmares for a Week have a beefier tone than their traditional alt-country counterparts. Less drawl than Lucero, but more snotty than a Limbeck, they really power home the electric feel of thick power chords, while the shimmer of acoustic guitars can be heard in the background. Snares crack through the heavier guitar parts, accentuated by bends, and in turn both play well off the vocals. Granted, this is an EP, so "Tour Song" definitely highlights the acoustic country-side of the band, but it is not indicative of the entire album. This EP does exactly what I think all EPs should do: it showcases the sonic expanse of the band, and it definitely creates an impressive resume of songs. I look forward to their full-length, and hope they live up to what they've put forth on this effort.

1. Drown in the West (The Flood)
2. Smoking in Bed
3. Tour Song
4. Under the Wait
5. Graves



Anonymous said...

hey i'd love to hear this ep but i think the link is expired. know where i can download it?

Lucas said...

just tried it and it worked for me. anyone else having problems?

Fidelity Castro said...

works fine for me...great blog, by the way!