Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

I was just perusing my "five-stars" playlist on the iPod, which is a compilation of my favorite songs (hence 5-stars), and "This Modern Love" came on. It made me realize two things: how awesome Bloc Party is, and how I haven't posted anything from them...yet. So, here it is, my favorite Bloc Party album, Silent Alarm. I think it was released back in 2005 to much acclaim, but if you haven't heard it, or them, before, combine indie rock with an eclectic beat and you get this album. Full of great rhythm and interesting lyrics, the band definitely gets your foot tapping from the start. And if you're not a foot tapper, then definitely head nodding to the beat. It's the perfect album to bring to a party, or have it going in the background of a kickback. Check it out, if you're in the mood for something that doesn't stop delivering with a great beat, this album is full of it.

1. Like Eating Glass
2. Helicopter
3. Positive Tension
4. Banquet
5. Blue Light
6. She's Hearing Voices
7. This Modern Love
8. Pioneers
9. Price of Gas
10. So Here We Are
11. Luno
12. Plans
13. Compliments



Anonymous said...

i looove this album. "this modern love" and "like eating glass" are probably my favorite tracks on the entire album.

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I agree with this because those are my favorite songs too, specially Price of Gas because I get an extreme energy when I listen it.

sweetheart(the)melancholic said...

agreed completely... i love this album. it's so deep, it's so thoughtful, and it's so original. this modern love is my personal number one.
however from all of the bloc party i love, and although i love silent alarm... a weekend in the city is my number one :)