Thursday, October 2, 2008

Before Braille - The Rumor

Before Braille is a Jimmy Eat World-esque indie/pop/emo-rock band, also hailing from Arizona. I personally think it's a bit quieter than JEW, perhaps lending to the simple riffs and percussion. There really aren't any intricacies in the music or melodies, but there has to something said for keeping it simple.

1. Prelude: Secret No. 7
2. The Spanish Dagger
3. A Cinema Spine
4. Miracle Mile
5. Twenty Four Minus Eighteen
6. Jaws of Life
7. Goodnight Quiet Noise
8. Split Lip Envy
9. Paranoia Pays Off
10. When the Feeling Fades
11. Abracadaver
12. Low End of Luxury
13. Arrive Alive
14. After Arguments
15. Unfit



Anonymous said...

i just came across this. thanks for the love mi amigo. -dave (vocals/guitar- before braille)

Luis said...

This cd FUCKING RULES!! This band was the shit!! Greetings from Mexico!