Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Radio Dept. - Pet Grief

I found about this band from Pandora when I was listening to my Postal Service station. Sweet story, eh? In any case, yes, this bound is Post-Rock/Ambient/Electronic-ish, and I think the band has put together a smart album that's simple and full of sugary pop. And I like it.

1. It's Personal
2. Pet Grief
3. Window
4. I Wanted You to Feel the Same
5. South Side
6. Worst Taste in Music [Extended]
7. Every Time
8. What Will Give?
9. Gibraltar
10. Sleeping In
11. Tell
12. Always a Relief

Link (pw: sickalbums):


Anonymous said...

Password required for this album..anyone got it?

lucas said...


Lukas said...

I'm glad that you're providing a great band's music to the masses.
...But don't ascribe tags that don't fit the music's description. This is far from math-rock.

lucas said...

whoops, i meant post-rock-ish. i'll update it and thanks for the heads up.

Marcus said...

Makes me prowd that u posted a swedish band. and from my hometown aswell.

Anonymous said...

Password doesn't work...