Sunday, October 19, 2008

Broken Links, Requests, and Updates...

-UPDATE 19 OCT: So my harddrive crashed, so I'm kinda using my backup right now. As soon as I get things fixed (probably tomorrow), I'll get albums up. Sorry and thanks for the patience. Also, I guess the track previews were set in my private folder on my host site, so I updated that to make it available to everyone. Let me know if it still doesn't work. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

-UPDATE 15 OCT: Fixed the Offspring link.

-UPDATE 14 OCT: So, as you can see, the Copeland link was deleted both by Blogspot and Mediafire. I'll see what I can do about it in the comments section below. Check back later tonight.

-UPDATE 9 OCT: Blogspot must've taken down the GCH-Quilt post, because it's nowhere to be found on my editing page but I'll put the link in the comments below. And some of the links were down because I was over my bandwidth for the month, so I bought more to rectify that situation. Everything should be good now. I also just added the new CWK album that was removed. And for the future:


Hey everyone, I've been busy with the requests, so keep them coming, it makes it easier to post when people request stuff because despite the tons of music I have, it's sometimes hard to narrow it down. The Rocking Horse Winner link is fixed, and let me know either through email, reply here, or on the shoutbox if there are any other links that are broken.



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Ninja Gun
new Tim Barry

please, please, please!!

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Thanks LUCAS!