Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One True Thing - Finally...

Another request (featuring Melanie Wills of From Autumn to Ashes guest-vocalist fame) and if you're in the mood for lady-fronted albums, this complements The Rocking Horse Winner from the earlier post, so snag that one too. It took me a few hours to come up with most of the tracks, including a stop by, which is actually a great way to find hard-to-get albums. The bonus tracks are not really bonus tracks, but merely ones that were included on the reissue. The first 12 tracks are off the original album listing, but the reissue had the songs switched, with the addition of the "bonus" tracks, so as to not slight anyone, I included them with the original. Enjoy!

1. Monster
2. Will I Make It
3. Do You Remember?
4. Who’s Amazing
5. I’ll Wait
6. Dearest
7. In a Whisper
8. Wish I Was Everything
9. Change
10. Watch You Fall
11. Bloom
12. Believe
13. Press Conference (Bonus)
14. Everything I Am (Bonus Reissue)
15. Homecoming (Bonus Reissue)


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Star Child said...

Thank you. One True Thing are great. It's too bad they're not together anymore.