Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Rocking Horse Winner - Horizon

Another request, but I'm glad to fill it because I haven't listened to this band in YEARS. Back in the day, before Meg & Dia and Paramore hit it big, Rocking Horse Winner were the staple of women-led emo pop-rock (I know...such an expansive genre). I'm going WAY back to when Chris Carrabba actually hung around after his shows to meet with any case, you don't really find many bands like this around anymore, with original lyrics and more emphasis on the melody and music than mass-production and actual emotion pouring through the speakers. It's a shame they were only around for a few years, but they left a lasting impression on the emo scene.

1. Orange Blossom
2. Error
3. Miss You
4. Horizon
5. When Songbirds Sing
6. Curable
7. Tomorrow
8. Novelty
9. Playing with Lights
10. Christmas Day



xtimmyx said...

do you by any chance have "State of Feeling Concentration"?

xtimmyx said...

and yeah, RHW was an awesome band. i think i saw them a couple of times back in the day.

Anonymous said...

link keeps redirecting me. and i cant find torrents anywhere ):

Lucas said...

Just tested it, should work. Make sure it's not auto-downloading on you, for some reason it automatically started when the link was clicked.