Friday, October 3, 2008

Caspian - The Four Trees

Everyone that frequents this blog should know by now that I love two genres of indie/punk music in particular: Post-rock and Alt-Country. Caspian has continued carrying the post-rock banner in the same fashion Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai have. Part of what I consider the newer breed of post-rockers (see also: Congratulations on Your Decision to Become a Pilot and This Will Destroy You), Caspian provides a unique lift to the the foundation that has been laid by their predecessors.

1. Moksha
2. Some Are White Light
3. Sea Lawn
4. Crawlspace
5. Book Nine
6. The Dropsonde
7. Brombie
8. Our Breaths in Winter
9. The Dove
10. ASA
11. Reprise

Link: Fixed 12/22/2008

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Anonymous said...

this link doesn´t work for me, agh.
says something about 'resources nor available'

is there anything you can do? I really want this album.