Monday, October 1, 2007

Alkaline Trio - From Here to Infirmary

Originally from Chicago, and moving to San Francisco, Alkaline Trio are the original My Chemical Romance, minus the cocaine addiction. Punk rock at it's darkest, they move from Satan, to girls, to...well, back to Satan. Matt Skiba says he does it for the attention (he's really an atheist), but it does make for some great rock and some graphic lyrics. I recommend it if you like energetic, raw punk, My Chemical Romance, or a combination of both. Standout tracks: "Mr. Chainsaw," "Stupid Kid," and "Armageddon." Rating: 10/10



Anonymous said...

could you please post goddammit by them? I downloaded it but at a crappy bitrate. would but much appreciated. love that album.

IlluminaRecords said...

Alkaline Trio is back!

Alkaline Trio is kicking off a two-month tour, which begins on February 16 in California, and will proceed to 35 other cities. Along with the tour comes Alkaline Trio’s new album “This Addiction” which is set for release on February 23.

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