Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hot Rod Circuit - Sorry About Tomorrow

Hot Rod Circuit's 2002 album Sorry About Tomorrow is a catchy, indie rock album full of wonderful hooks and great choruses. Definitely a sing along album, the band presents a finely crafted record that straddles the line between obscure and mainstream. It's been 4 years since I found these guys, and oddly enough, this is the album that won me over. To be honest, it was the insanely addicting riffs and lyrics of "At Nature's Mercy" the honesty of "Knees." If anything, you can download the album for those two songs and add them to a sweet mixtape to give to your sweetheart...which makes me realize that it takes me longer to make a mixtape for a girl, than the duration of the actual relationship. Either I suck at relationships, or my mixtapes are fucking amazing. Mayhaps I'll post one that you can give to that significant other, and claim it as your own. Standout tracks (other than the aforementioned two): "Cool for One Night," and "Consumed by Laziness." Rating: 9/10


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Eoin said...

this album is great so is, if its cool with you its cool with me, can i get any of their other albums anywhere???