Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Will Hunting

While everyone loves music, I figured I'd switch it up and post one of my favorite movies. It's about a wunderkind (Matt Damon) from Boston, a self-taught genius who works as a janitor at MIT. He solves an impossible theorem, is discovered by a professor (Stellan Skarsgard), has to see a psychyitrist (played by Robin Williams), falls in love but doesn't know it with a Harvard girl (Minnie Driver), and has the most loyal friends ever (Affleck brothers). It was produced by Kevin Smith, who's basically the man (created Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob, Chasing Amy, etc) and written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the former being in most of Kevin Smith's movies. On Matt and Ben as writers: "You know whenever I was making a movie with Ben Affleck he'd always come up to me and ask why I hadn't written the scene this way, or that way...and I'd always tell him, you don't like it, then write your own fucking script. So he did, and he won an Oscar." The writing is brilliant, the acting is superb, and the plot is down-to-earth. I could watch this movie everyday, and I have for the past couple days. It's also on my iPod for mobile watching. That's how much I like it. Rating: 10/10

Download all the links to the same place, open up "Good Will" and then unzip. I had to split the movie/zip into multiple parts in order to post it.


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