Monday, October 29, 2007

Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire

Tom Delonge and company are back with "I-Empire," the follow-up to their somewhat summer smash of yesteryear. It has much the same sound as "We Don't Need to Whisper," perhaps a little more on the anthem side. The oftentimes over-production adds to larger-than-thou sound that emulates from my speakers. The band tries to beef up their musical abilities (at least to me) since the last album, which is always a good thing. They also move away from religion for the most part... now, I'm a church-going individual, but I tend to stray from Jesus music. I like to keep the separation of church and rock. In summary, this album is exactly like the first one. Standout tracks: "Everything's Magic," and "Secret Crowds." Rating: 9/10


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