Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saves the Day - Under the Boards

Should I be writing my capstone? Yes. But Courier New just added 8 pages to it, so I think I'm money. Therefore, I shall provide you with the link to Saves the Day's new album Under the Boards. I think it's alright, but to be honest, everything since Through Being Cool and Stay What You Are has been a relative disappointment from the band. While I'm all for bands "growing up," I tend to like them because they have a particular sound. Case-in-point: The Ataris. What the fuck is that monstrosity called Welcome the Night? On another note, I spelled monstrosity right on the first try. So, I'd say this album is somewhere between the brilliance of Stay What You Are and the crap that was In Reverie. Don't get me wrong, I love Saves the Day, but at the same time, I love music and am not one to stick by whatever a band produces because they hit a mid-life crisis and need to "expand" musically. I like you for what you were, and while I realize changing your music to meet the capitalistic needs of the mainstream may be what "the man" wants you to do, you're losing fans, and the quality of music is probably sub-par. Okay, my soapbox is about to break, so here's my "expert" analysis of this album: More poppy and upbeat than the two previous albums, but still not up to the quality of SWYA (both lyrically and in production). I will adjust the rating accordingly. Thanks for reading the rant (if you haven't already skipped to the link). Feel free to comment on any thoughts. Standout Tracks: "Can't Stay the Same," "Bye Bye Baby," and "Because You are No Other." Rating: 7/10.

Because You are No Other:



Anonymous said...

Compared to all the other post "stay what you are" albums, i think this one really stands out the most as far as overall quality and maturity. In Reverie just played around with high pitched vocals, Sound the Alarm was a bit of a throwback to early std with fast angry graphic lyrics with a more refined sound. Now Under the Boards just sounds like the band has decided to write songs that show their skill, and experience.

i'd give em above a 9/10

Anonymous said...

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