Thursday, November 6, 2008

God is an Astronaut - God is an Astronaut

If there's one thing I can never get tired of, it's post-rock. GIAA returns with their fourth album, which actually packs a little more punch than previous efforts. Other than Explosions in the Sky, GIAA is one of my favorite bands of the genre, and actually one of my favorite bands period. There are no limits on their musical ability, and they transition from one thematic element to another effortlessly, from soothing to cruching without skipping a beat. Because there is a lack of lyrics, the band relies solely on musical talent, and somehow GIAA breathtakingly conveys the same energy and emotion as they did on their first album. To me, that level of musicianship is the most impressive part.

1. Shadows
2. Post Mortem
3. Echoes
4. Snowfall
5. First Day Of Sun
6. No Return
7. Zodiac
8. Remaining Light
9. Shores Of Orion
10. Loss



Max said...

Hey, I was looking for this album, thanks for upping it. Explosions in the Sky is my favorite post-rock band but these guys might be the closest thing I've heard to them.

I've got a blog too ( Mind if I link yours?

mellows said...

I got this album a little while back. Along with This Will Destroy you and apart from Explosions In The Sky (cryptic?) this is probably my favourite post rock outfit.