Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tom Gabel - Heart Burns EP

Tom Gabel's (Against Me!) solo-album: familiar voice...yet oddly different beat. There's the distorted guitar, but a drum machine as well, with a heavy emphasis on the kick of the electronic bass. It seriously is a clash of old school country-punk and modern electronics. But somehow, perhaps since Gabel is a genius, he makes it work...quite well actually. Don't get me wrong, there are some traditional acoustic tracks that you expect on a solo-record, but the majority is electronically supported. The album is short (just 7 tracks), but hits up on all the classic Against Me! topics, mostly heartache and politics.

1. Random Hearts
2. Conceptual Paths
3. Cowards Sing At Night
4. Amputations
5. Anna Is A Stool Pigeon
6. Harsh Realms
7. 100 Years Of War


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