Saturday, November 22, 2008

Right Away, Great Captain! - The Eventually Home

As the year winds down, I find myself pondering what the greatest releases of the year are...and every now and then, an artist will sneak one in right at the very end: enter Andy Hull's side project Right Away, Great Captain! Most of you know Hull as the voice behind Manchester Orchestra, and the album plays like a collection of Manchester acoustic b-sides. I don't mean that in a bad way either, they're convey more feeling since Hull relies upon nothing but the occasional chorus and his trusty acoustic. And on songs like "Once Like You," he REALLY breaks it down to the bare essentials: a few simple chords, and deeply personal lyrics. Definitely a consideration for one of the best albums of the year...

1. Down To Your Soul
2. Devil Dressed In Blue
3. Cutting Off The Blood To Ten
4. Once Like You
5. What A Pity
6. Father Brian Finn
7. Anna No
8. Memories On A Shore
9. I am a Vampire
10. I was a Cage



Nate said...

Loving this so far. Good deal!

Anonymous said...


Yin May said...

thanks for the recommendation. i really really love the album! I know I only starts listening to it like now which is towards the end of the year, but this definitely on my albums of the year list. thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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