Wednesday, November 5, 2008

H2O - Thicker than Water

For some reason, I've been listening to this album for YEARS, and it never seems to get quite old. This is perhaps H2O's best release to date, and Everready is up there on my favorite punk songs of all-time list. I remember coming home from school and throwing this album on before skating over to my buddy Colin's house, only to throw it on there. Seriously, nothing like a good punk rock kick to the ears to get you going. And I digress...the music is classic skate punk, and the lyrics and guitars are timeless. It's 11 years old and still going strong...

1. Universal Language
2. Everready
3. Talk Too Much
4. I See It in Us
5. Sacred Heart
6. Innocent Kids
7. Scarred
8. Go
9. This Time
10. Friend"
11. A Plus
12. Phone Song
13. Responsible
14. Wake Up
15. Thicker Than Water
16. No Fucking Tears


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