Friday, November 21, 2008

Jimmy Eat World - Clarity

Classic JEW, before the craze of being on MTV and movie soundtracks. Really though, the band hits up more emo-enthused tracks and relies on quiet harmonies (vice the faster paced Bleed American. It really is remarkable how the entire album can be one long mixtape, so if you're looking for a solid emo-record that isn't over-produced and has a that homely feeling, look no further than here.

1. Table for Glasses
2. Lucky Denver Mint
3. Your New Aesthetic
4. Believe in What You Want
5. A Sunday
6. Crush
7. 12.23.95
8. Ten
9. Just Watch the Fireworks
10. For Me This Is Heaven
11. Blister
12. Clarity
13. Goodbye Sky Harbor



tehskylark said...

Hell yes, this is hands down one of the best albums ever written. Thank you thank you thank you! Haha..

Anonymous said...

True that

coldcoldcold said...


Chris Moran said...

love it

Sickalbums said...