Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rancid - Life Won't Wait

After ...And Out Come the Wolves, this was my second Rancid album I bought. For those of you who are just browsing the site and never knew, Rancid is definitely one of my favorite bands...ever. The mix of energy, emotion (not in the emo-sense, but raw EMOTION), melody, and raging guitars are amazing. But the coup de grace are Lars and Tim's back-and-forth lyrics, constantly providing a rich and full backdrop to the lyrics. This album is great, not as hardcore as other Rancid albums, but displaying their ability to move from ska to reggae to more of a traditional punk. Regardless of who you are, chances are you'll enjoy this music.

1. Intro
2. Bloodclot
3. Hoover Street
4. Black Lung
5. Life Won't Wait
6. New Dress
7. Warsaw
8. Hooligans
9. Crane Fist
10. Leicester Square
11. Backslide
12. Who Would've Thought
13. Cash, Culture And Violence
14. Cocktails
15. The Wolf
16. 1998
17. Lady Liberty
18. Wrongful Suspicion
19. Turntables
20. Something Wrong
21. Corazon De Oro
22. Coppers


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Sorry for making it so long said...

I had the chance to see Rancid a couple of months back along with Rise Against I think, out in Texas. I was visiting my father for a month and asked if we could go and he said "I was too young..." What the hell is that? What the hell is that?