Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lovedrug - The Sucker Punch Show

It's melodic with the sharp stab of heavy guitars and quick riffs that make this a larger mix of indie/new-grunge/pop that expands on the nice base that they've already built on Everything Starts Where it Ends. Michael Shepard's voice is reminiscent of a deeper Gerard Way and a few of the songs sort of sound like a smattering of MCR, the CWK, and the White Stripes. I only had Pretend You're Alive, and personally I think it' much better, both stylistically and production-wise.

1. Let It All Out
2. Only One
3. Blood Like
4. Everyone Needs a Halo
5. The Dirtiest Queen
6. Borrowed Legs
7. Broken Home
8. Fake Angels
9. My World
10. Hante’ Bruit
11. Panicked Witness
12. Dying Days


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Dominic said...

The album really grew on me to become one of my favorite this year. It cuts across a few genres to make a pretty uniquely cathartic and angry and deep and melodic and riffy album.